SARS Submission Penalties – BEWARE

Please note that there is compulsory information that must be submitted to SARS and failure to do so will result in penalties.

A 10% penalty will be imposed for Employers who:

1.Submit after the deadline of 3 June.

2.Incomplete submissions.

3.Inaccurate submissions.

Please note that “Income tax number” is a compulsory field and needs to be captured. If staff did not have a number, SARS would use the August submission information to register them. If they already have a number, SARS will not automatically send this information back to the employer.

Payslip cannot get this information from SARS for employers and it is recommended that you contact SARS directly for all new tax numbers. Staff with existing tax numbers must give those numbers to their employers.

This process is delaying the submissions and because of the penalties, it is imperative that Employers contact SARS directly (either by calling the SARS call centre or physically going to a SARS office), together with a report of ID numbers so that SARS can give the corresponding Tax Numbers.

Remember to check that your submission is done accurately and that all compulsory information is completed.

If you have already submitted your return, please go back and check the audit report for any warnings or issues that may result in certificates being penalised for being incomplete or inaccurate and fix it before the deadline to prevent penalties

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