Year End Roll Over

In addition to your normal backups, please remember to make a full system backup to a CD or external drive before you process a year end clear. Then keep this backup in a safe place, preferably off site. This backup is essential for record keeping as well as for submissions to SARS later when the filing season opens in April if your internal backups are insufficient.

There have been changes to the SARS Easyfile software interface that requires a software update to be performed before submissions are done in April. This software will be available soon and your will be notified by email once it becomes available.

During the month of March, before filing season starts, it is a good idea to update your employee non financial information so that there are no missing addresses, Identity numbers, tax numbers, special tax directive numbers and so forth. If this information is not available it delays the submission process.

It is also imperative that all payments to SARS are reconciled to the payroll totals before submitting the February Emp201 to SARS because if there are any adjustments to be made it is better to do it in the February return and avoid incurring penalties and interest.

Processing SARS submissions? If you are pressed for time, or want to avoid the hassle of the Annual SARS submission, then let us do it for you. Simply arrange with to send your last backup and SARS payment information and we will do the rest.

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