SARS submission period now closed but maintenance is needed

Despite multiple updates of the SARS Easyfile software, the submission period went off well. Please take time out now to update your live system with any missing information such as tax numbers, incorrect SARS coding etc so that the next submission will be quick and efficient. On the Payslip system it is literally a press of a few buttons. The Classic system requires pay categories to be setup at the beginning of the tax year for submission and then the Easyfile extract is a quick procedure if all information has been captured.

Please remember that submission to SARS is done twice a year though electronic interfaces from the payroll to SARS Easyfile software.

“This procedure is not complicated and can be done by the operator. “

Payslip offers this service as a courtesy and the work done is not necessarily a software support function. 
If you have a new operator or would like to process the next submission without assistance we are offering eLearning online training sessions on specific topics during the month of February 2017. These short sessions are highly recommended and can empower the operator with the knowledge and confidence to process SARS submissions in house.

Common issies from the last submission period:

  1. Coding missing for SARS new pension, provident and RA codes as well as  Travel allowance codes (4582) resulting in manual capturing of history in the August data. This exercise needs to be completed in the live system before the end of February to ensure the correct pay categories are setup for SARS reporting. Please check your live system today and make sure it has been setup correctly.
  2. Employee masterfile information missing that had to be captured before being able to submit to SARS. If the live system is not updated before the end of February the submission will not be complete and it can cause a delay in processing.
  3. Incorrect payroll periods submitted and not balancing to payments made to SARS. This can be overcome by checking that the history is correctly updated before processing the SARS submission.
  4. ETI claims being reassessed and rejected because of outstanding tax returns. This is beyond the payroll function but please note that SARS only allows ETI claims in each month on condition that all tax affairs are in order. The payroll cannot determine these factors and reports on the payroll information and operators need to be mindful when claiming ETI each month.
  5. ETI pro rata claims for staff not working a full month has been a cause for concern and in a few instances we have disputed the SARS calculations applying a pro rata salary to the minimum pay rate and rejecting a claim. These exceptions need to be addressed with SARS on a case by case basis as the claims are being rejected after submisison on re-assessment.


If you require more information, please contact our Solutions Centre on 010 591 2080 or email

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