December ShutDown – Preparation needed beforehand

Please make sure that leave balances, shifts, calculations for leave and bonus payments are carefully checked and updated before the shutdown run in December.

It is recommended that you draft a project plan with dates of what pay runs will be processed and when. Then it is a good idea to use a checklist, especially to prepare the number of runs to process and the implications for UIF, medical schemes, garnishee and loans deductions and such. If this is your first shutdown run or you are not sure what is needed, please book a consultant to discuss.

Bear in mind that there are certain processes that need to be run in the first period after returning from shutdown that needs to be addressed in addition to the actual shutdown processing.

Our Solutions Centre is closed between Christmas and New Year but there will be an emergency after hours number available should you require assistance during this time – if you suspect that you may need assistance during that time, please let us know beforehand so that we can make that number available to you.

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