Shop.Payslip is live

We are very proud and tremendously excited to announce that Shop.payslip is live

Owners of small, medium and micro-enterprises (SMMEs) will be delighted with the products now available to them.  The online portal is a self-service option created with these business owners – and their unique challenges and constraints – in mind.

At Payslip we focus on organisations of all sizes and our service will always be warm and personal. That said, we felt that creating a shop where small business owners could purchase spreadsheet templates, stationery and outsourcing quickly would benefit everyone involved.

These small businesses would be able to get only what they require at a lower price without having to speak to a consultant. Easy + quick = Convenience.

SMMEs can also request quotes for Payroll software solutions customised for their unique needs via the shop.payslip portal. By assisting our clients this way, we are decreasing the number of phone calls our consultants have to tend to and, in doing so, make the process quicker and smoother for everyone seeking assistance.

Larger organisations are encouraged to contact our sales team directly so we can assist you with the trusted Payslip efficiency you’ve come to know us for.

As an opening offer, some of the products on shop.Payslip have been discounted. Be sure to make use of great introductory offers like a Bundle of 5 Remote Support Sessions or A4 Stationery Pay Envelopes before it’s too late!

Check out shop.payslip today! And if you have any questions, give us a call on 010 591 2080.

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