‘How To’ video for Payslip’s Excel template

The Payslip Excel Template is a very handy tool for micro companies or start-ups with few staff where only a simply payslip is needed. It comes loaded with the RSA 2018-19 Tax tables and makes all the necessary calculations automatically. Statutory calculation, such as UIF, is included in this easy to use template.

But what if you’ve purchased the template only to feel like you need a little help using it? Do not worry – we anticipated that users might need a little help getting started with the template.  

For this reason we created a nifty video that explains all the main points.



Our software understands South Africa’s complex changes in tax, labour law, UIF and other legislation.  We’re constantly thinking of innovative ways in which to simplify payroll systems for our clients. One of the solutions we came up with is our brand new Shop.Payslip page where SMME owners can effortlessly purchase the exact product they need online. No waiting in line, no call centre calls, just convenience!

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