Selling Payslip software ethically

At Payslip South Africa we provide the necessary training for our clients to be able to use our products to their fullest. We continue to be easily accessible and provide ongoing support. Why? Not only because customer service is so incredibly important to us, but because it’s imperative that our software be used honestly and for legitimate business.

Our software is not sold to individuals. Sold solely business-to-business (B2B), we do careful, but thorough background checks in order to ensure our software is not used to commit fraud.

Payslip sells their software ethically

Many of our competitors (some of whom are better known, larger companies than Payslip) do not follow similar ethical practices and sell their software indiscriminately in the interest of turnover and profit. In this exposé, SABC News shed light on how easily anyone can purchase fake payslips and bank statements.

Payslip sells good quality software to known and reputable organisations, despite the fact that being selective of our clients could mean a loss of revenue. That’s a testament to the values we hold in such high regard – honesty and transparency. If these are the same values your business supports, then we are the payroll company for you. 

Support ethical payroll practices. Join the Payslip family today. To discuss the options available to you, give us a call on 010 591 2080 or send an email to

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