ETI rejected on E@syFile Version 6.9.2?

If you are experiencing any problems with importing your payroll file into SARS E@syFile where records are being rejected because an employee qualified for ETI but there were months where they did not and a zero claim for that month is declared.

Shirlene Nel our Product Manager, suggests editing the payroll file and replacing the text “7007,0.00, “with “7007,0.0000”

or contacting our help desk for the software patch.

It appears that the decimals for field 7007 has been increased from E@syfile 6.0.1 to E@syfile 6.0.2 and now rejects if there are less than FOUR decimals.

Do not wait for SARS to fix this issue – rather edit the file (or arrange for a consultant to update your Payslip program) and upload asap as the deadline of 31 October is around the corner.

If you need assistance, please send a booking request to

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