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We process Salaries, Executive Pay, Weekly, fortnightly and Monthly wages.

Prices reduce according to the number of staff. (50, 100, 250+ staff attract a greater discount – please see prices when adding to your cart

Note that there is a R 650 Setup fee (once off) as well as a take on fee that is equal to the cost per payslip for the first payslip.

Ie the first payslip is 2x the cost for new staff/Take ons.

Team Outsourcing is a total outsourcing function that provides the same employee service as a in house payroll department – just located in another office, ours!

Any instructions that would normally be handled by a payroll department will now be executed by our team of professionals assigned to your account. This team includes experts in taxation, payroll administration, legislative compliance and audits as well as computer software specialists.

We endeavour to build a lasting relationship with your organisation that will enable us to understand your business, provide a payroll service that exceeds your expectations, and ultimately contribute’s to the success of your organisation.

What we do:

  1. Analyse requirements in detail and create a payroll manual that is approved by the client. All aspects of the procedures and services required are tailored to your requirements and can be changed and modified when required. For example, procedures for processing the payroll, taking on new employees, terminating employees, reporting requirements etc. are documented according to your needs.
  2. Set-up payroll software according to these requirements, including earnings, allowances, benefits, deductions, reports. Advise on compliance to legislation affecting payroll and make changes as required.
  3. Structure individual employee salaries, where requested.
  4. Take on employees and maintain master file information, including leave.
  5. Process a parallel run to confirm set-up and ensure information is complete
  6. Capture changes to allowances, deductions provided by client on the agreed cut-off date and process the payroll.
  7. Print checking reports for client to sign off, print payslips and reports to PDF and email to client once approval is received. Send bank transfer file if required.
  8. Process month end reports and procedures and supply reports to client.
  9. Process year-end reports and procedures and supply client with reconciliations and tax certificates as per manual – additional run mid tax year and year end, invoiced separately.
  10. Assist with queries from managers or designated persons as per instructions
  11. Assist with any other reports or extracts as required from time to time.
  12. Extracts to UIF and provision of Monthly SARS EMP201
  13. Completion of any additional monthly returns as required by retirement funds and bargaining councils. Additional returns will incur a monthly surcharge


E&OE Excepted Note that there is a minimum fee of R350per month and there is a take on fee equal to the first run (ie double fee for the first run)


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